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#2: Flip Your Street Photography Iceberg

You can compare street photography to an iceberg. As you may know, only 10% of it is visible. 90% of it is hidden under water. The same goes for street photography. When you only focus on the visible 10%, you simply walk around the city and take photos. Your results: Some cool, interesting or funny shots. However, most other street photographers could also easily take the same shots. It's fine to focus on the 10% for a while, but if you want to go deeper and reach the next level, look at the 90%.

If you flip the iceberg and look at the 90% that's not visible for anyone else, you enter the world of YOUR street photography. When you look at the 90%, you have to look deep WITHIN YOU. Not right, not left, only look at and in yourself. What part of your history, dreams, wishes, future, anxieties, interests and passions could you pour into your street photography? In order to make it your street photography, you have to pour YOURSELF into it. It has to be exactly what you feel a deep connection to and love to express thru your art.

When I flipped my iceberg, I came up with so many new ideas. For instance my lens broke, so I produced a set with it. I loved a poem by Robert Frost and captured exactly that. The possibilities are infinite. As long as it's straight from the soul, your heart will give you the motivation you need to accomplish anything you desire and then your eyes will discover different perspectives no one else can. That's how you create YOUR street photography!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

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